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My gift is a soft teddy for Father's Day.

Why do you think your package is a suitable size?

Photo by Daniel Y. Go

My package is a suitable size because the soft teddy is 20cm tall and the cardboard box is 22cm tall.

Photo by Chris_J

Is your package able to protect the gift effectively?

Photo by g4ll4is

The soft teddy is 20cm and the cardboard box is tight (22cm) so the soft teddy won't move. The cardboard box will protect the soft teddy from water and it will also protect it if it bounces around.

Photo by Steve Rhodes

Are your packaging materials nice to look at and why?

The outside of the package has a colourful drawing I drew. It is nice to look at because it is colourful. It is colourful because of the ink I used to draw it.

What materials have you used to keep the cost of your package low?

Photo by ccPixs.com

The cardboard box is $1.50 and the ink is also cheap. Cardboard is a very cheap material, much cheaper than wood.

What materials have you used to make your package environmentally friendly and why?

Photo by ccPixs.com

My package is environmentally friendly because I used cardboard. Cardboard becomes soil quickly and also can be reused and recycled.