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penulisan pendapat dlm media cetak

Observe the most important element in the landscape. This will set the tone for the rest of the landscape.


Penulisan pendapat

dalam media cetak

The Sky

This is the first element to consider


The sky is where the light comes from
Photo by Claudio.Ar

The Landscape

is influenced by the light in the sky
Photo by ...-Wink-...

Get the sky correct

and the landscape will follow
Photo by skoeber

Common Errors

Sky painted too dark or too blue

The Land

will have to be darker still!

The Sky is Lightest

because that is where the sunlight comes from

The Land

will have to be darker than the sky

Skies are lighter

than we often imagine
Photo by PG.NETO

Cameras Compensate

by darkening the blues

Go Outdoors

and see what the sky is really like
Photo by rappensuncle

Start Painting the Sky

then move to the landscape