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Photonics Engineer

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Photonics Engineer

By: Rowan Senence
Photo by jurvetson

Nature of the Career

  • Uses technology to understand light information and the use of light energy.
  • The tools to help understand and use light are materials like image systems, lasers, fiber optics etc.
  • Photonic Engineers try improve systems and products. Making cutting edge technology for high tech companies to use.

NAture of The CAreer

  • The science of photonics is the generation, transmission, modulation, and detection of light.
  • For example Photonic Engineers try to improve light sources, manufacturing, defense, telecommunications, and medicine.

Nature of the Career

  • The main goal of a Photonics Engineer is to make better products for everyone to use.
  • Photonic Engineers shape the future of the world, using more advance ways to utilize products.
  • Making easier products to use but in a very efficient scale using lasers and lights.

EDUCATIOn/ Training Required

  • Education could range upon Bachelor's Degrees or even PhD's, depending on how advance the position you are aiming for. Also must have a School Diploma.
  • You must have knowledge like CADD, CAM to operate systems. Mechanical engineering, engineering science, electrical engineering degrees are required as well.

Education/Training Required

  • Training could involve things such as being a assistance to the more experience Photonics Engineer.
  • Other traits needed should be creative, analytical, inquisitive and detailed oriental.

Attire/Uniform For Proffesion

  • The Photonic Engineer typically works indoors.
  • Photonic Engineer like other Engineers needs to look professionally. There is no need for flashy outfits but you shouldn't wear a casual shirt like a T-Shirt to work.
  • A polo and a good set up pants to work efficently but also looking professionally.

Advancement Opportunities

  • Depending on your education, you can advance greatly in this field.
  • Having a bachlor's degree can get you a median job. But if you get a master's or PhD you can manage or even teach Photonic Engineering.
  • Usually being an assistant, then regular worker, manager and then even a professor in the field.

Employment Outlook

  • Getting a Photonic Engineer job is a very moderate to hard job to acquire. Depending heavily on how your education is on math and science.
  • .Photonic Engineers are in moderate demand and moderate employment, although demands after 10 years are above average.


  • The wages earned is very dependant on your type of education.
  • A typical Photonic Engineer can earn $94,310 per year.
  • Salaries can start at $49,140 and rise to $144,000! Depending on the company and amount of education you have aquired.

Why This Job?

  • This job helps create a better future for our world by making new products to help in our everyday lives.
  • Subjects like math, science and computers are a preferable topic to study and work with.
  • Great money gain with teamwork and effort, instead of indivdual workers.

Final Thoughts

  • All in all, a Photonic Engineer works with lights and lasers to make better products.
  • The job is interesting using science, math and computers in a team to shape the future.