Reclaim Your Life!

Published on Apr 01, 2016

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Reclaim Your Life!

Health Passion Prosperity

Reclaim Your Life!

Health Passion Prosperity

Who is This For

  • You might be out of work... it's for you!
  • You might be in transition... it's for you!
  • You might be "Punching in and out everyday"... it's for you!

Who is This For?

  • If you are not living the life you dreamt about, have the FREEDOM you thought you would have, doing the things you love everyday... it's for you!
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In this session

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  • Learn about you... recapturing your voice
  • Learn about others...waiting to hear your voice
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My Promise

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  • To provide a path to rediscover you
  • To provide a path to pursue your dreams
  • To provide the ultimate support for you to achieve those dreams

Does Any of These Sound Like You?

We all had dreams in our youth... what were you going to be like when you grew up? What was your life going to look like? Feel Like? Be Like?

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And here we are... way short of any of that... have you given up?

Nothing can steal your dreams... but you can choose to let them go.

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Did your parents tell you?


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  • Money doesn't grow on trees
  • Go to college, work hard, get a good job

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  • % of people on antidepressants
  • % of people in our addicted to energy drinks
  • % of people in our country who love alcohol because it provides us an escape
  • % of our county umhappy
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Is this YOU?

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Why? Leverage

So Now the Question is What Business

Examine our Trends

Technology is off the chart

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Creating a World of Connectors


So What business is all about Connecting?

Exactly the fasted growing model in NETWORK MARKETING

Why Great?

  • No barriers to entry
  • Unlimited income
  • Tremendous tax advantages
  • Work from home
  • Flexible Schedule

Who Wants It?

  • Millennial demand it
  • Baby boomers need it
  • Gen Y need to discover it to
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What product category?

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I choose Nutrition

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Follow the Trends

  • Deficiencies continue to grow
  • U.S is ranked 72nd in health yet the most developed country
  • Still controlled by big Pharma and food companies
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Why Mannatech

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It is the Science Company

  • 17 published studies, 12 of which are human controlled published in peer reviewed journals.
  • 118 patents on their products in 37 different countries
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Best Model

Direct Sales
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Tremendous Growth


Best Company

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Now you Just need a System and Mentor

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Step by Step Stategy

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Social Media