Published on Apr 24, 2018

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The cyber attack simulator made in Luxembourg
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Information Security Workforce shortfall ?

(1.8M in 2020, 350K in EU - 2017 study)

is this the real challenge?

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It's not only about the experts, it's all of us. People are key, people decide, people have impact, people are the strongest link!

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WHAT do people need ?

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"To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill"
Sun Tzu

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THe learning continuum

  • awareness
  • training
  • education
  • experience
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Learning is not a spectator sport.
Engagement improves learning drastically.

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A physical room dedicated to prepare your team to the next "cyber crisis"

What ?

  • a role play / escape game combination
  • simulating a realistic business environment
  • complete immersion
  • sound & light effects

Who ? how ?

  • for non-tech people (5 to 8
  • team is key, no individual evaluation
  • human stress-test
  • crisis preparation experience

the setup

  • briefing (20min)
  • simulation (75-90 min)
  • debriefing (60 min)

Visit us !
You will fail...
So think fast to get back on your feet

Thank you

Pascal Steichen