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Sisters of Mercy

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Sisters of mercy

By: Megan Carmody

CAthrine McAuley

  • Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1827.
  • The first house of mercy was set up in Dublin Ireland.
Photo by Leo Reynolds


  • The Sisters of Mercy were founded because Catherine saw a lot of ...
  • poverty in her town and wanted to create a place for women and girls.
  • The Houses of Mercy allowed for a place for women and girls to
  • go for shelter and education.
Photo by B Tal

Moving to America

  • The Sisters of Mercy were brought over to America..
  • in 1843 when the Bishop of Pittsburg requested them
  • to come over.
  • This was because there were many poor and sick in America
  • at this time.


  • The Sisters of Mercy played an important role in the
  • development of the Catholic Church in America because
  • when an outbreak of yellow fever occurred, the sister stopped
  • their work in schools in order to tend to the sick.
  • This resulted in Catholics gaining respect and admiration around the countr.
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  • The Sisters of Mercy are still strongly present today
  • through their work in schools, and with social services.
  • They also focus of health care and sponsor many hospitals.
  • For example they sponsor Mount Saint Rita Health Centre
  • in Cumberland, Rhode Island.
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Catherine McAuley

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The Motherhouse

Sister Karen Schneider

  • helping at a sponsored hospital.

The most Interesting Insight I had about the Sisters of Mercy was that they way they become popular was very simple, through helping people. It did not require anything elaborate so it showed other Americans that we were different from our extravagant medieval ways.

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