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Syria sanctions

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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May 24, 2011

Canada announced sanctions on the Syrian government.

issues involved

(Humanitarian Crisis)
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~ why ? ~

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~ why ? ~

  • Imposed a sanction due to violent breakdown.
  • To secure the citizens and to punish the Syrian regime for violating the human rights.
  • Help bring international peace within the country.
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  • Arms Embargo
  • Asset Freeze
  • Export/ Import Items
  • Financial Prohibitions
  • Technical Assistance

~Prohibtions ~

  • Restricted from travelling to or from Syria.
  • Restricted from providing financial support.
  • Restricted from providing technical support.


  • The Syrian economy has had a downfall.
  • Not able to obtain the supplies they need.
  • Companies are going bankrupt.
  • The prices of common supplies have increased.
  • Loss of jobs.
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