Published on Mar 21, 2016

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Sherri Spelic /Startup Pirates Vienna 2016
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Our Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Purpose
  • Success
  • Resources
  • Questions & Final Thoughts

You and your expertise are the source of energy, creativity and learning here.


Oh no! Not another ice-breaker!
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Next slide, please.

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What's Your Purpose?

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Purpose as a Team Endeavor

  • Group vs. Team
  • Knowing your 'Why?'
  • What needs will you satisfy?
  • What makes you "better together"?

Name That Purpose!

  • With a partner decide on 3 well known brands.
  • For each brand define a single purpose under 140 characters.
  • You have 4 minutes.
  • We will vote on the top 3

Thoughts on Purpose

  • Name one take-away from this conversation.
  • What questions might you have?
  • Explain in 30 sec. how having a common purpose benefits a team.


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What does it...

  • Look like?
  • Sound like?
  • Feel like?
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How will you know?

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Planning for Success

  • Celebrate small wins
  • Open meetings with good news
  • Create & share vision(s) of success often
  • Discover the lessons in setbacks

Time for a break

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Making the Best of What You Have
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Thinking Differently

Improving Outcomes
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Association Tag

  • Object of this game is to locate connections quickly.
  • 1st person names a fact about him/herself.
  • 2nd person stands and adds connected new fact about self.
  • 3rd connects to that new fact.
  • How many unique connections in 3 min?

Defining Your Resources

  • Time
  • Attention
  • Know-How
  • People/connections
  • What else?

Best Use of Time

What do you need?
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The Best Meeting Ever

  • Find a group of 3-4
  • Write up an agenda for the Best Meeting Ever.
  • Include topic, activities, desired outcomes.
  • Assign meeting roles in your group
  • You have 11:36 to complete this task.


What made it The Best Meeting Ever?
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Ingredients for Meeting Well

  • Clearly articulated purpose
  • Structure/Agenda
  • Group member agreement on norms
  • Time limits

Mixing Wisely

  • Consider assigning roles
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare
  • Take time to reflect
  • Appreciate & acknowledge
  • Address tensions
  • Celebrate often!

Questions, Wishes, Wins

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Sherri Spelic

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