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TeamChild Archetype Workshop

Published on Sep 22, 2016

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Brand Archetype Exploration

February 2017
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Archetypes - A Crash Course

  • Deep storytelling roots - transcend time, culture, language
  • Plato...Carl Jung...Joseph Campbell..."The Hero and the Outlaw"
  • North star to inspire and guide

How We Can Use an Archetype

  • Identify "white space"
  • Align overall direction: focus, inspiration, clarity
  • Identify helpful examples and inspiration
  • Inform visual and written expression
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Guiding Principles

  • None are inherently positive or negative
  • Don't get too hung up on the labels
  • Starting point, not a prescription -- wide range of possibility within each one
  • Ideal outcome is to identify ONE primary archetype we can all rally around
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Core Motivations

12 Brand Archetypes


TeamChild Themes and Descriptors

12 Brand Archetypes

What Next?

  • Clear choice - drill deeper on underlying emotion, goal, trap, strength, implications
  • Split - great opportunity for discussion and alignment
  • Sometimes 2nd choice can inform expression and tonality
  • Once resolved, can provide both internal and external inspiration and accelerate creative expression (written + visual)
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