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The 1920s

Published on Nov 22, 2015

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The roaring 1920s started at 1920 and ended at 1929 because the wallstreet crash on 1929 also known as the Black Tuesday or the stock market crash began in late October and was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States because the economy plunged and went down in the Great Depression

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The 5 historical events this time are the lie detector was invented 1921 first winter olimpyc games 1924 Josephine baker, civil
Right Activivist, dancer and singer moves to France and becomes a sensation 1925 Amelia erhart flies solo the Atlantic Ocean
1927 first English dictionary published 1928

The new dances where energetic and quick they just released from war and they felt happy because they weren't more war anymore they wanted to try something new and they considered tango was a really scandalous dance and they thought it was fast so they decided to dance it

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Tango represented a social fusion, with bodies joined that proposed an emotional relation between dancers in a tigh huge. This musical gender was received around the world and it was born in Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay

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Charleston was popular too over the world because by first time women can dance in society without a couple, it was meaning a rebellion of women that crossed from afroamerican culture to white people. Women wanted to express by themselves, win their own money then they wore in style popular and dance charleston

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