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The Anti-Robotization Movement

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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A movement to remain human
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Hearing vs Listening

What's the difference?
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Vegetating vs Living

It's the same difference laying in..
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in 'vegetating'

it's implicit : 'what'


  • What is it for?
  • What does it do?
  • What is its colour, shape, weight?
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in 'living'

it's implicit..



  • Why is she there?
  • Why does she do it?
  • Why does she live?
  • Why does she die?
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Listening means focusing on WHY

Hearing means focusing on WHAT
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What vs Why

Are we really a 'why' or a 'what'?
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If we choose to be 'what'

we'll become robots and we'll compete with robots

and we'll lose, as robots never get tired

Photo by Connor Tarter

and we'll lose

as we'll get tired sooner than now
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If we'll hear without listening

we'll lose our chance to become different
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and like machines we'll lose our uniqueness.

In the beginning it wasn't like that
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We're born as excellent listeners

that's why we learn so much when we're children
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then, little by little

we lose our outstanding listening skills


We tend to accumulate data

but unfortunateky they are superficial
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and without even realizing it

we become robots
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and we become ''if,then'' animals

Photo by Leo Reynolds

''If,then'' animals

  • If you're black, I'm scared
  • If you're white, I'm comfortable
  • If you say A, I think B
  • If you're aggressive, I'm too
  • If you're shy, I think you're weak
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We'll become ''If,then'' animals with short future

Remember? Robots don't get tired. We do.
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Hungry for data

We desperately look for data and don't care about who data come from

Data are sterile, data are food for robots

People are THE information behind the data
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we accumulate data

and forget to look into each other eyes
Photo by Eneas

we accumulate data

and we don't pay attention to their most precious source
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Is there no chance, then?

How can we stop being automatic&robotic?

We can stop the robotisation process

by a few tricks
Photo by JD Hancock


Reserve a time budget to listen

Reserve a time budget to listen

  • When meeting someone, consider a time frame
  • It won't take 0 seconds to interact with him/her
  • Reserve a time that is different case by case
  • It can be a minute, ten minutes or ten seconds
  • Take it as an investment, it'll come back worth
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Ask yourself about the other's mental status

Ask yourself about the other's mental status

  • Is he/she angry, sad, happy, depressed, entusiasthic
  • Is he/she in hurry?
  • Is he/she worry for something?
  • Is he/she open?
  • Is he/she looking at you while talking?


Capture the hidden meaning

Capture the hidden meaning

  • What does he/she want to mean behind the surface?
  • Why is he/she communicating to you?
  • What can you say to make him/her feel good?
  • What shouldn't you say? (to preserve him/her)
Photo by Leo Reynolds

If we want to remain human

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Forget about hearing: just listen!
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Three tricks to help you listen

  • Reserve time
  • Ask yourself about the other's feeling
  • Ask yourself about the other's why


It's where the anti-robotization movement starts
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evolution in action
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