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The Holocaust is not a Hoax!

Published on Mar 03, 2016

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The Holocaust is not a Hoax!

By:Elisabeth Harvell,Tori McGrady, Cor'darrius Swain 

People believe that the Holocaust is a hoax, but here is reasons why the Holocaust is real.

They stated that no one during the Holocaust used gas chambers. Also, they stated that there was no proof of dead bodies.

In the picture the Germans gassed the Jews in the gas chamber and then sent them to this contraction.

Also, people stated that the gas chambers were coming apart.The Holocaust first started in 1933 of course the gas chambers would be out of condition.

Photo by crsan

Elie Wiesel used phrases in his book such as "Never shall I forget that smoke" and "Never shall I forget the little faces of the children."

Many writers wrote about the Holocaust. For example, "Night" by Elie Wiesel and "The Diary of Anne Frank" was two stories about the Holocaust.

People say that "The Diary of Anne Frank" wasn't real because she apparently used a ballpoint pen. Anne Frank's diary is old. How could you tell what she used to write with?

In conclusion, the Holocaust is not a hoax!