The Tri-conic Challenge

Published on Jan 12, 2016

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Meet Here Port Alberni

The Tri-Iconic Challenge

Welcome to the Traditional Territory of Tseshaht First Nation

Welcome to The Traditional Territory of

Hupacasath First Nation

Celebrating 150 Years

Port Alberni

50 Years of Amalgamation Port Alberni & Alberni

The Tri-Iconic Challenge

  • Canada Day Weekend
  • 06.30.17 - 07.03.17
  • Port Alberni, BC, Canada

Meet Here 06.30.17

  • Hupacasath & Tseshaht First Nations
  • Uchucklesaht Tribe & Huu-ay-aht
  • Traditional Welcome
  • Traditional Foods
  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Race Packages - Welcome EXPO
  • AV Multiplex - home of the Community Owned Alberni Valley Bulldogs

Tri-Iconic Challenge 07.01.17

  • Swim on Beautiful Sproat lake
  • 100m, 200m & up to 3.8km
  • Children, youth, Adults, Tri-Athletes & Ultra Athletes


  • First Nations Carvings
  • Visible then, visible today
  • Swim in this area of Klee-Koot Arm - Sproat lake

You may find this on the lake. The Iconic Martin Mars Water Bomber

Watch out for these guys

One of the best lakes for watersports.....anywhere

Harbour Quay - Canada Day Evening
Music, Bands, Food, Fireworks

Tri-Iconic Challenge 07.02.17

  • Your Challenge....Beat This to Bamfield
  • On a bike
  • Gravel road, bumps,
  • Awesome Scenery
  • 90 kms one way (did we mention hills?) That's what we call them....

This'll work

Note the extra water...

Sunday, 07.02.17

Ride the Ship or Ride your Bike...hmmm

Your destination

If you ride the Frances Barkley

  • No traffic lights
  • It's a boat maze
  • Sockeye Fishers
  • Stunning
  • See the Kite-Surfers on the return trip

Bail out here

  • China Creek
  • You'll see hundreds of boats
  • Sockeye Season
  • Go ahead, grab a license, catch dinner.

Visit Huu-ay-aht

  • Pachena Bay Campground at Anacla
  • Near Bamfield
  • Near the North End of the West Coast Trail
  • Salmon Feast on the beach

Huu-ay-aht welcomes you

Plan well

  • Tough bike ride - so have a plan
  • Options to Stay in Bamfield
  • Stay in Pachena Bay
  • Stay at China Creek
  • Catch a ride back on the Frances Barkley
  • Push yourself and bike back
  • Many choices - all wonderful!
Photo by Leo Reynolds

Also happening in Bamfield
Music By the Sea

Tri-Iconic Challenge 07.03.17

  • The No. 7 challenge
  • 10 km to McLean Mill
  • 1/2 Marathon -McLean Mill back to Harbour Quay
  • Full Marathon - McLean Mill back through Major Trail Network to Harbour Quay

Your Run Starts here. Nice eh! We take it for granted....

McLean Mill - Canada's Only Steam Powered Mill. 10 k ends here. 1/2 and Full Marathon go here and return to Harbour Quay

McLean Mill  A step back in time

These will be at McLean Mill - that's where you're headed.

Closing Ceremonies - Harbour Quay - Port Alberni Monday, 07.03.17 1700h
Tseshaht; Hupacasath; Huu-ay-aht

Benefits of the Tri-Iconic Challenge

  • First Nations Cultural experiences
  • Multiplex showcased
  • Sproat Lake showcased
  • Petroglyphs
  • Harbour Quay - major focus
  • Frances Barkley
  • First Nations Fisheries (Somass River)

and more....

  • Kite-surfing could be obvious
  • China Creek Marina/Campground
  • Sproat Lake Provincial Campground
  • Bamfield
  • Pachena Bay/Anacla
  • Martin Mars?
  • Steam Train

More yet....

  • Classic Car Show
  • Speeder
  • Alberni Inlet
  • Centennial Pier
  • Sockeye Season - lots of boats
  • McLean Mill