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Tom Clancy

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Tom Clancy is best know for his military and espionage novels and has been called the "Father of modern military thrillers."

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Clancy's style of writing combines hair-raising action sequences and futuristic technology with multiple interwoven plots to create a wild ride from cover to cover.

Although he is praised for his masterful manipulation of plot, he is criticized for his often wooden characters and basic dialogue.

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His most popular books include The Hunt for the Red October, The Sum of All Fears, and Patriot Games, all of which have made it to the silver screen.

In addition to the silver screen, Clancy has many video games modeled after his novels, and include notable names such as The Division, the Ghost Recon series, the Splinter Cell series, and the Rainbow Six series

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Because his novels are so realistic and close to reality, some of his novels have become required reading at multiple US military academies.

Because of Clancy's incredible grasp of sensitive topics such as geopolitics and military doctrine, he has met with presidents and military commanders to discuss and advise in current situations.


In an effort to help Clancy achieve realism in his books, he was given unrestricted access to various ships, aircraft and vehicles for his books.

Tom Clancy was a very influential writer who broke down complex and boring topics such as military doctrine and politics, and wove them into invigorating dramas that all could enjoy.

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