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Travel Moor

Travel from a Muslim perspective


Travel Moor

Travel From a Muslim Perspective

3 things I know & do well

  • Muslims
  • Travel
  • Social Media

Target Audience

  • 108 million Muslim travelers, 10% of global economy, spending $145 billion/year
  • In 4 years: 150 million Muslim travelers, $200 billion/year
  • Muslims are fastest growing market
  • Young, American Muslims are highly socially conscious & engaged on social media
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  • lonely planet for Muslims
  • halal food
  • mosques
  • knowledge of Muslim life
  • Muslim travel buddy/host

Travelmoor.com and #Travelmoor

  • tips, reviews, stories
  • directories of mosques, restaurants
  • Muslim AirBnB
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unique value proposition

  • only community for young American Muslims who are socially conscious, travel independently, and want to engage in immersive travel
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basic building blocks

  • visual-heavy website
  • conversation on social media
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next steps

  • AirBnB
  • custom group tours
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