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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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  • In all short stories the major character has unbalanced mind.

"a Rose for emily".

  • the short story "A rose for Emily" start after her (Emily) death.
  • Her neighbors tell her history after her dad dies
  • She lives by herself and with a slave
  • Woman with hard temperament, but weak, solitary and emotional
  • "And so she died. Fell ill in the house filled with dust and shadows..."
  • "Poor Emily"
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"The Devil and Tom Walker"

  • Tom meet the Devil at an swamp
  • His greedy wife left him with all his money
  • He makes a Deal With Devil, make money, get rich and after that turns into a religious man
  • One day he forgot his bible, so the Devil takes him in a black horse(he dies)
  • "These he offered to place within Tom Walker's reach, having conceived an especial kindness for him: but they were to be had only on certain conditions..."
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"The MAsk of the red death"

  • This short story represent bubonic plague in Europe on 14th century
  • People die mysteriously in a city in Europe
  • Everyone dies in the end
  • Short story that tells abou Life x Death
  • At the party, The Death enters and kill in the prince on the seventh room at 12 a.m. (supernatural act, room and hour)
  • "The "Red Death" had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous."
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"The Lottery"

  • All of the main characters have weird attitudes
  • This short story tells about a life of a barbarian ritual called the "Lottery"
  • According to story, the ritual serves to ensure a good harvest (community belief)
  • After the "lottery", the Hutchinson (family) get a paper that has a black circle drawn. After each member of the family drawn one paper, Tessi Hutchinson (mother) got the paper, then she died stoned by all citizens present on this ritual.
  • "Eventually made a great pile of stones in one career of the square and guarded it against the raids of the other boys"


  • An Soldier, which is the storyteller, tells in detail about the day that he killed a vietnamese enemy during the Vietnam War.
  • This short story start when his daughter ask about why Tim live his life writing things about wars.
  • Storyteller is very emotional and decry himself because of his act.
  • According to the story, this vietnamese guy could be actually an figure and not even exist. So this death could be an delirium of his head
  • "There was no sound at all - none that I can remember. In a way, it seemed, he was part of the morning fog, or my own imagination."
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  • This short story tells about a woman with conflicts during the half of the 20th century in U.S.
  • During this period, women has social limitations inducing the woman a psycho person and causing damages in her brain.
  • The author pass the social problems that women suffered in the 20th century and how they were manipulated by the guys just because of their gender.
  • Her husband (John) was a psychiatrist and he try to help her, but she refuse, lock herself in her room and tried to change the yellow wallpaper.
  • "And I know John would think it absurd. But I must say what I feel and think in some way - it is such a relief!"