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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Photo by mikecogh

The main Character of Unbroken is Louis Zamperini who used to be a Olympic Runner who later became a AIR Corps pilot of the b-24 called the "Super Man"

Louis was in the b-24 "green hornet" which was banged up from a earlier battle and they were carrying them and passengers

The Plane engines failed, Crashing the crew into the ocean leaving them stranded out on the ocean leaving Phil, Louis, and Mac alive

They get attacked by sharks and Japanese pilots and then Mac dies leaving only Phil and Louie Alives, they then arrive at Japan and get captured

They then get fed well by the Japanese and they are taken to a prisoner of war camp(P.o.w.)

Louie and Phil survive the p.o.w. Camp and they escape when the allied forces break through the Japanese line

Main Characters-Louis Zamperini, Pete Zamperini, and Russell Allen Phillips.