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What are the benefits of being in a union?

unions - building a better workplace

Published on Feb 01, 2016

New employee orientation for King County union members


unions - building a better workplace

What are the benefits of being in a union?
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What is a union?

A group of employees collectively improving their workplace and their communities.

Workers who join together to level the playing field with management and improve conditions, wages and benefits in their workplaces.

Union members work together to build power and raise standards not only in our single workplace, but across industries and in our communities.

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Union members have

direct impact on important workplace issues

voice in public policy

increased job security

benefits non-union employees do not have

Right to negotiate over mandatory subjects of bargaining, potential layoffs, or reorganizational structures that affect your contract.

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Your contract is an important tool

Binding agreement negotiated between union members and King County


Working conditions

Also known as Collective Bargaining Agreement

Explain Coalition of Unions and how negotiations work

Read your contract!!!

what tools do we have?

How can you be involved?

Many tools to impact change

Labor Management Committees



Political pressure

Public outreach
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Contract rights, also King County policy, the law.

As a union member, you have resources to help you enforce your rights.

Explain Weingarten

Read your contract!

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How do we make our union strong and effective?

Be informed and be involved

Participate in union meetings, trainings

Vote on your leaders, your contract

Be the eyes and ears in your workplace

Support your fellow members

Become a leader in your union!

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