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Visual Tour Of Infernal Chp 73-78

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Dan Brown wrote Inferno

I will show you visuals for Chps 73-78

St. Mark's Chiesa d'Oro

Photo by nrares

Breath air to become wealthy!

Photo by A.Currell

Pala d'Oro

Untitled Slide

Photo by FlyNutAA

Wizened, blind Doge, preaching the Crusade

Photo by marfis75

Enrico Dandolo, Blind Dodge, stole money for his Crusade

Photo by 1yen

Why do these horses have those collars?

Photo by CyberMacs

Paper Door, where Doges hung their decrees

Tomb of Enrico Dandolo, The Blind Doge

Photo by rezansky

Gypsy Woman selling masks at the grate.

Photo by rjrgmc28

Langdon had an Epiphany! Sanctus Markus.

Visual Tour of Inferno, Chps 73-78