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Welcome to Spain!

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Welcome to Spain!

a presentation by tiara starks
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First, let's discuss Spain's History

  • Charles Habsburg and his brother Ferdinand both tried to westernize Spain. The French have clashed with Spain before on disputed regions, Italy and the Netherlands.
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Our History Cont.

  • After Columbus' journey with activity about the new world, Spain has struggled to make use of the newfound oppurtunities
  • The only secure settlement is Santo Domingo, founded by Diego Columbus.
  • Thereafter, Spanish expansion and consolidation has skyrocketed, leading to new discoveries and land.

Fitting into the culture

Part dos
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  • woman should wear puffed sleeves, gowns, bodices, and petticoats
  • hair should be up and feathered with a hat
  • ornamentation, fabric, embrodiary, and shashes
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Clothing cont.

  • Men, you must wear silk doublets, velvet manties, and trimmed hats
  • Slimmer shaped shoes are common among men and tapered toed shoes are just becoming popular
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Local Delicacies

  • I recommend Caballo Picante, a restaurant that serves
  • Bread, fish, meat, milk, pottage (a thick stew), and wine are part of the Spanish's basic diet
  • Uncooked meals are usually avoided to prevent salmonella or other food-borne ilnesses
  • Fresh fruit has been recently banned because of the plague
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Home life

  • If you ever decide that you would like to come and move here, you could live in one of the huts in the background.
  • The woman usually stays home and cooks, cleans, takes care of children and health. Food is sold for extra money inside the house.
  • Children who get old enough to work, help around on the farm and with their mothers
  • Men, you are expected to work all day, whether at the fields or in a job.
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School Life

  • Many towns have sprouted with grammar schools for young children to attend, however, once they reach a certain age, school is no longer the priority, work is.
  • Usually, education was preserved for the rich and royal while common people or peasants worked the land
  • Some schools in the area are small and just getting started so you won't see much kids there.
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  • There are many festivals year round here in Spain
  • Children are usually taken with their mothers out during the afternoon
  • Lots of Spanish cuisine and games are played during these festivals
  • Some theater productions are staged for the people and royalty's enjoyment
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Gracias, por elegir los servicios de viajes santana, esperamos verte aqui en Espana en breve