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What Types of Equipment Are Typically Used by Commercial Snow Removal Companies?

Published on Nov 02, 2023

Businesses, governments, and commercial properties must keep their facilities safe and accessible during winter snow and ice. Commercial snow removal businesses, who are essential to the smooth operation of our towns in the winter, are often tasked with this responsibility. These businesses use a range of specialist equipment to successfully handle the difficulties presented by cold weather. This article will discuss the equipment commercial snow removal firms use to keep premises free and safe in winter.

Snow Plows

The snow plow is one of the most identifiable pieces of equipment utilized by professional snow removal businesses. The big, angled front blades of these cars are designed to push, lift, and clear snow off of parking lots, roadways, and other surfaces. Snow plows are available in several sizes; bigger versions are used for roads and vast parking lots, while smaller models are utilized for confined locations. Companies often utilize V-plows and straight blades in addition to conventional snow plows to manage various kinds of snow and ice.

Snow Blowers

Snow blowers, also referred to as snow throwers, are necessary equipment for effectively shovelling snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other confined areas. Heavy-duty snow blowers capable of handling big loads of snow are often used by commercial snow removal businesses. These devices are a flexible complement to a fleet of snow removal vehicles since they break up and release snow using strong augers and impellers.

Salt Spreaders

Salt spreaders are an essential piece of equipment for commercial snow removal businesses since they help prevent ice formation on surfaces. These devices carefully administer de-icing agents, such as salt, to help melt existing ice and stop it from freezing over again. Salt spreaders, whether they are trailed behind trucks or installed on them, guarantee the safety of both automobiles and pedestrians.

Loaders and Skid Steers

In the snow removal business, front-end loaders and skid steers with snowplow attachments are useful instruments. These machines are versatile enough to be utilized in a variety of snow removal situations, and they can clear snow from loading docks and parking lots with efficiency.

Snow Pushers

Large, scoop-shaped add-ons called snow pushers may be installed on loaders and skid steers. They are perfect for clearing parking lots and huge driveways because of their ability to lift enormous volumes of snow off a surface rapidly and effectively.

Liquid De-Icers

Commercial snow removal businesses utilize liquid de-icers in addition to solid salt and sand to handle icy situations. These solutions are used to melt ice and stop it from forming on surfaces. For treating big areas like parking lots and streets, liquid de-icers are very helpful.

Snow Plow Trucks

Specially built cars with a salt spreader and snow plow integrated are called snow plow trucks. These vehicles are adaptable and have good clearing and staining capabilities for parking lots and roadways. They are an invaluable resource for commercial snow removal firms because of their ability to combine de-icing and snow removal services.


Don't wait to get in touch with a trustworthy commercial snow removal company when winter hits. They can provide the necessary equipment to keep your property safe and clean. By hiring snow and ice experts, you can keep your company or municipality running efficiently even in the worst winter weather. Make sure to procure snow removal contractor that has the necessary equipment to prevent snow and ice from disrupting your operations. This proactive move will ensure a secure and worry-free winter season for your property.


What Types of Equipment Are Typically Used by Commercial Snow Removal Companies?

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