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Where is...?

Published on May 01, 2017

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Where is...?

"Where are the animals?" My daughter would say.
Its hard to say since they are no more...

No more little, clever foxes to admire...

the leopard with its beautiful grace and  elegance

Photo by MaryLane

The tiger that was so powerful and strong, no animal could compare to its beauty

Photo by TeryKats

the gorgeous snow leopard that was the rose of the animal kingdom

Photo by Timmy Toucan

the inspirational jaguar, with it's lovely features.

The lion, king of the savannah and jungle is a creature worth a crown.

Photo by Etrusia UK

There beauty that we can't even compare to is no more...

The tall, radiant giraffe that is shy  

Photo by angela7dreams

the wolves, that taught us about loyalty, love and wisdom

Photo by doublejwebers

the beautiful sea creatures of the deep, the seal which leaves us in awe  

The horses with speed that have helped us throughout history

Photo by Luigi Cavasin

the zebra that teaches us to be there for one another

the funny monkeys that love family

Photo by jinterwas

the inspirational dolphin with a beautiful mind

Photo by pmarkham

No more...

the peacock with the beautiful feathers that scientists can't explain

Bunnies that strike you with their cuteness

Photo by Chiarissima

a robin just minding its own business

No more

"Where are the animals?" she asked again,
I can't lie to her anymore.
"They were killed sweetie."
"Who killed them?" she continues in tears.

"We did..."