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Published on Nov 18, 2015

This is a book I am writing. By 11 year old, Hannah Olivia Finch.




Someone knocked at the door. My mother and father opened the door. It was a strange old man. My mother told me to go to my room, so I did.

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When my father came up to my room he told me I was going to go to some wizard school. I asked what he was talking about, but he just said "pack up".

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I packed up and then I started getting ready for bed. That night I had a dream about what was coming tomorrow. What could it be?

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Chapter 2: The next morning I was woken up by some kind of car alarm. My father came in and told me it was time to go. When I walked outside the front door there was a blue sports car.

Father told me to get in the car. I said "Aren't you going with me?". My father said "No.". I got in and the man hit the gas pedal. I watched my house disappear in the distance as my mother and father waved goodbye.

As we were driving I asked the strange man why was I here. All he said was just that it was for an important reason. It took a long time to get there, almost 4 hours.

When we finally got there, the strange man told me to head to the main office as he handed me a map. I followed the map's direction and when I got there another strange man started a conversation.

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He asked me what my name was. I said "Ethan Collins". He said for me to go to the Headmaster's office. I followed my map once more, and I reached my destination.

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When I got there I saw a man and asked him if he was the Headmaster. He said "Indeed I am. Are you Ethan Collins?". I said
"Yes, sir.". He said he was glad to see me.

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He said he had some very important news for me. As we walked into a small private room he said this might be shocking. When he said it, I was shocked. "You are the chosen".

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Chapter 2: After he said this he must of noticed my facial expression because he asked if I was OK. I said that I had no idea what he was talking about.

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He said "I have called you here because you have been needed for a while. Our worst enemy, Dr.J has been on a rampage. We need your help.".

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I asked "What kind of help?". He said he needed my help because I was the only one with the powers strong enough to defeat him in combat.

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"So I'm some kind of chosen wizard?" I asked. He nodded. I said "Do I get a robe, and a wand, and a speelbook, and all that stuff, too?". "Yes." He said. Then I said "When do I start?".

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Chapter 3: Once I asked this he went inside some kind of little closet. When he came back he handed me a robe. I asked "What about my wand and spell book?".

He said "You shall get those soon. Right now you need to learn the basics. I shall get one of the finest classes for you."

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Then he went on to some kind of phone. He talked into it for a while, and eventually he got off. He said to follow my map down to the main office.

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When I got to the main office I said "Uh, I'm ready for my classes with, um, Mr.Dave."
"PROFESSOR Dave. Follow your map to the clock tower and you shall meet him there. I shall arrange an appointment. He always goes out with his newest students."

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Chapter 4: After that he gave me a small, golden key. I asked what was it for. He said "It is your dorm room key. The number on the door is on the key. Follow your map to the small, red tower."

I followed my map to the small red tower, just like the guy said. When I got there I went to room 734.
I had to climb a lot of more than 2 flights of stairs. When I got to my room I realized that there was an elevator!

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When I got to my room, I found a bunch of stuff: a dresser with robes and hats in it, a gigantic bed, and best of all... A GIANT FLAT SCREEN TV!!! Anyway, after I looked around, I changed into a blue robe. I figured since my tower is red I should wear red to represent it.

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Then, I left the room and locked the door. This time, I used the elevator, instead. I went back to the main office to wait for Professor Dave. Eventually, Professor Dave showed up. When he came up to me he said: "I am not your only teacher. The headmaster will teach you, too.

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Chapter 5: Part 1: After he said that he told me to follow him. He left the main office and out the door. I ran to up with him, but the door shut and I landed face flat on the door!

Then, I heard somebody laughing. I turned around
and I saw a girl just as tall as me. "Hi." she said. I asked how old she was. "11. I'm Elizabeth Collins." And the next thing you knew, I was running out the door.

Part 2: I don't know what she thinks about me now but I don't think that gave Hera good impression of me. Anyway, I ran as fast a I could to Professor Dave. I asked him where we were going but he only said " It a suprise."

When we got there I read the sign. "The Wizardry" it said. When we got inside it was full of people in colorful robes and weird hats. We went to a man and Professor Dave started talking to him.

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He told us to go to room 708. When we went towards the stairs I was smart so I asked Professor Dave if there was an elevator. Unfortunately, he said no. So, we started up our first flight of stairs.

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I figured since the room number 708 we would have to climb 7 flights of stairs. It turns out I was right. When we got about halfway up the stairs, I asked Professor Drake if we could take a break because my legs were about to fall off.

After I said this he got out his wand and tapped each of my knees three times, then put some weird green pieces on my head, a and then touched my nose. You won't believe this but my legs suddenly weren't tired anymore!

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When we finally got to room 708, the same girl I had seen earlier was in that room with the headmaster! The headmaster said "Thank you for coming, Professor Dave. Now, let's get down to business."

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Chapter 6:
"Now, Ethan, do you remember me saying that you were the chosen one?", the headmaster said. I nodded. Then, he said, "Well, this young lady right here is...well...how do I put this..."

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"...this girl right here is your...sister." When I heard this I almost jumped out the window. How could she be my sister? I only have an older brother named Nathan, and he was back in New Jersey.

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Then I said, "But...I only have brothers, and they are all 14!" Next the girl said something, "I also have a sister that's 16, if it makes you feel any better." Ok, now my mouth was just hanging open. I was seriously about to jump out that window.

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Then the headmaster said, "Now, Ethan, I want you to calm down please. You and Elizabeth are going to talk so you can get to know each other, while me and Professor Dave go in the other room and talk.We'll be back."

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Chapter 7:
So, next I just backed away, then turned around, and twisted the doorknob. But, unfortunately, it was locked! And now I pretty much just admitted that I am kinda scared of her.

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"Don't worry, I won't hurt you, if that's why you are scared." the girl said. I said, " I...I am not scared. It's just...well...it's kinda weird he knew I was gonna try and escape, that's all."

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Then she said, "Um, you were looking at the window and everyone could tell what you were thinking." Then I said, "Oh, right. Um...about that... you see...I was just kinda nervous to meet a random person and somebody say that's who my sister is."

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"So...here we are...alone...by ourselves. Um...my name is Ethan."
"I know.", she said.
I said, "Ethan...Um...Collins."
"Mine, too.", she said. " Elizabeth Collins." And now I sort of understood why the headmaster said she was my sister.