You Get What you Reward

Published on Mar 07, 2019

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You Get What you Reward

Total Value Investment Instrument
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Total Value

Target both Financial and Non-Financial Returns

and systematically reward it

Be clear about what you want to get
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TT Fintech

a system to achieve all stakeholder KPI's

1. Fund Management for your

Organisations, Products, Projects, Processes
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2. Set your criteria

both financial and non-financial

3. Link Financial and Non-Financial KPI's

eg if impact not achieved then no investment
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4. Audited Performance Reports

Historic, Current, Live, Forecast

5. Automatic Trading System

Avoid Market Volatility
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6. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Markets

Equity Options, Impact SDG Credits, etc ... 

7. Token Exchange

between investments of financial and non-financial value 
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All kinds of Investment Funds

Impact, Sovereign, SDG, Crowd, Personal, Institutional 
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RoI on Value and Values