Published on Nov 18, 2015

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The Brand Called You
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Why Personal Branding

  • Establish leadership
  • Networking
  • Credibility
  • Association with niche/topic
  • Person of Influence
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Social Media


Search Engine


Search and Social

Together for better or worse


Largest search engine 

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram


Do a Google search for your name

What comes up?

  • Images
  • Social Media sites
  • News results
  • Websites or blogs

Social Media Networks

Also have internal search engines
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What influences search results?


  • Content - Keywords and phrases
  • Authority of source
  • Images and file names
  • Activity on a piece of content
  • Social sharing
  • Links

Positive Personal Branding

What can you do to create a positive footprint? 
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Social Media Activity

The Professional side


  • Professional
  • Clean and Consistent
  • No cats, dogs, babies
  • Headshot
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Cover Images

  • Represent Interests
  • Personality
  • These can be changed out

Cover Images

About Section

Fill out with details - use keywords
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Professional versions

  • Instagram - 2nd version professional
  • Facebook Page (not Profile)
  • Twitter - public

Twitter Profile

  • Twitter use hashtags and associate yourself with other pro organizations
  • Ex: @PRSSA @TheAlligator

LinkedIn Profile

  • Biggest opportunity
  • Optimize it completely
  • Constantly update it
  • Connect with professors, TAs
  • Get Recommendations

LinkedIn Profile

  • Avatar, Cover Image
  • Headline - don't be generic
  • Be active with updates
  • Long form posts
  • Summary

Facebook Page

  • Business Page for personal brand
  • Professional content
  • Share video and images
  • Check out Insights


Keep personal and professional separate

Instagram Prof Angle

  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Photography
  • Scenes on the job
  • Productivity Tips
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Write, Write and Write

  • Guest blog or start your own
  • LinkedIn long form updates
  • Medium
  • Get published
  • Publish yourself
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for the Personal Brand Master
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Free Platforms

  • Wordpress
  • Tumblr
  • RebelMouse


Visual design made easy for social 
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Optimized screen shots 


Blogger and influence network

Google Alerts

Set up a Google Alert for your name
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Score influence and engagement 
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Personal Brand Checklist

  • Audit your profiles
  • Create professional accounts
  • Avatar makeover

Personal Brand Checklist

  • Cover images
  • Have focus
  • Audience
  • Content

Personal Brand Checklist

  • Write/Blog/Publish
  • Be authentic
  • Help others
  • Join Groups and Twitter Chats

Personal Brand Checklist

  • Take a stand
  • Be visual
  • Create a slogan
  • Start a hashtag

Personal Brand Checklist

  • Win friends and followers
  • Have empathy
  • Be newsworthy
  • Measure and evolve

Personal Brand Checklist

  • Namechk
  • GoDaddy
  • Personal Brand
  • Vanity URL


author of Social PR Secrets 

Lisa Buyer

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