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The inspiration

You might think our background is in presentation design, but that’s not quite how things unfolded. We started out at Startup Weekend and Techstars, wishing we could easily create the kinds of killer pitch decks that grab attention and rally support around a great idea. Although the businesses we’ve pitched and launched over the years didn’t always work out the way we hoped, we kept coming back to the slides. Why is it so difficult to create an awesome presentation?

Deep down, we believe that presenting your company, or your story, or your idea should be a fun, creative experience, but for nearly everybody we talked to, it was the opposite. We’ve all been using pretty much the same tools, in the same way, for years--using lame templates, fiddling with the space between our bullets, and wrestling with bulky file attachments--despite the fact that we hate doing those things and we’re spending an increasing amount of time on connected, mobile devices.

We decided it was high time to reinvent presentations for how we work, communicate, and create now. With Haiku Deck, anyone can easily create a flawless presentation that can be easily projected, shared, posted, embedded on a website or blog, or viewed on any web-enabled device.

What we do: Explained using our product

Our philosophy: Simple, beautiful, fun

We’ve built Haiku Deck around presentation tips recommended by experts and designers. Keep it simple by limiting your text and focusing each slide on a single idea. Make it beautiful by building your story around high-impact images and keeping your formatting consistent. And, most of all, have fun. Fun is not a word most people associate with presentations, but we feel they should be fun to make and fun to listen to.

Our story

We are happy to share more about our philosophy and our story at events big or small, live or virtual. We offer interviews, inspiration sessions, talks, and training in person or via phone, Skype, or Hangout. Recently we have hosted a fun, informal “presentation intervention” at a digital agency, created custom webinars, and Skyped with a class full of curious 2nd graders during their “genius hour.” Here are a few of our recent talks:

  • Startup Storytelling for the Win,” Adam Tratt, Co-founder and CEO, Geekwire Summit
  • 10 iOS Tricks We Used to Take Haiku Deck from Like to Love,” Kevin Leneway, Co-founder and CTO, Seattle iOS Developers Meetup
  • Listing Presentations: Five Ways to Renovate Yours,” Catherine Carr, VP of Marketing and Chief Inspiration Officer (webinar presented in partnership with Inman News)

We can speak to our experience developing the product and presentation tips and best practices as well as innovation, productivity trends, mobile app development, entrepreneurship, visual communication, and creativity. Interested? Please drop us a line at team@haikudeck.com.

We’re a small team located in the heart of Seattle

Feel free to come say hi or contact us at info@haikudeck.com if you have any questions

999 3rd Ave
Suite #700
Seattle, WA 98104

Meet the team

Share your story

We believe you have amazing stories to share, and we built Haiku Deck for you. We hope you love it. We hope you'll tell us how we can make it better — you can email us any time at team@haikudeck.com. We hope to see your work in our Gallery. We hope you'll share the decks you create and spread the word to your friends and networks. We hope to see you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest so you can stay connected and inspired as part of our amazing creative community.

Be a part of our story

We're always looking for awesome people who want to join our small team, dedicated to helping people communicate their ideas and stories in a more beautiful way. If you're interested in joining us, create a Haiku Deck about yourself and send it to jobs@haikudeck.com. You can view our current job listings here.