Many pitch deck examples focus on the presentation design: colors, themes, and look of the presentation. At Haiku Deck, we believe that the magic behind a successful pitch deck is in the message, not the medium, so our mission is to help business owners focus on the content while our pitch deck handles the formatting.

Featured is a Press Kit that covers the aforementioned topics so you can focus on your marketing, not the formatting.

A press kit is a tool companies use to communicate with members of the media for promotional use. Dense press kits are poor ways of communicating your key ideas, so condensing your press kit into a presentation is an effective way to allow journalists to parse through important takeaways of your company or product launch.

This press kit template consists of an 11-slide presentation that helps businesses attract attention and buzz.

The template starts with a slide of the company with a focus on visual storytelling. This hook is important in grabbing a potential journalist’s attention as major media publications are bombarded with media requests every day.

Follow your introduction by describing your company’s mission. This could be a compelling visual or fact sheet covering key benefits that your company offers. In addition, provide a slide of your team and leadership members so journalists put faces and names to the story.

Finally, drive your message home with a few slides about how your company is performing. For example, improving Net Promoter Scores, increasing stock prices, or even positive customer feedback are great ways to show off.

Wrap up your press kit with a succinct slide with relevant contact information. While simple, this template provides you a straightforward way to effectively communicate your goal to the media.

If this has been helpful, here's the complete Press Kit Template for you to use in your pitch. To get started, click the "copy" button on the presentation page.

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