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22 Haiku Decks



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2018: A new year begins.

New challenges, stiff competition and demanding goals. Analyze your skills. First, identify your strengths. List and rate them. These are your assets.

Now, identify key areas of opportunity. Focus on skills you need to improve. List them and rate them. Choose your top two or three skills and attack them. Attack them early.

Empowering your assets and developing your key areas of opportunity can accelerate results, growth and promotion. Use this exercise to focus your learning and your execution in the new year.

Health, happiness and success always!

Countdown to your Next Presentation

Countdown to your Next Presentation

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What do you do after you set the date and the topic for your presentation? We explore the crucial time between calendar day and presentation day.

Welcome to the Training Business

Welcome to the Training Business

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Welcome to the training business! Developing powerful internal training is key. Across all sectors, training has become a core component of how businesses work. We believe it could be better!