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Will Spain legalize marijuana?

Will Spain legalize marijuana?

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The leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, who could be vice president of the Spanish Government, has already been in favor of Spain legalizing cannabis for a long time , both for therapeutic and recreational purposes, as he is convinced that the marijuana industry can report "Huge benefits" to citizens. In a poll conducted by La Vanguardia this summer, to which more than 10,000 readers responded, almost 90% were in favor of the legalization of marijuana . Before the possible coalition government of PSOE-Unidas Podemos, we once again pose the question: Thanks for participating In other parts of the world, the use of weed has already been legalized or is being tried to legitimize, but not without difficulties. Despite Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's promise to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in the first 100 days of his new term, New York State had to halt the bill due to a lack of support among Democratic ranks. Instead, Illinois has celebrated in a big way that since January 1 of this year recreational marijuana can be legally sold . The law promulgated by the state governor, JB Pritzker, was approved last June through a bipartisan legislative process but did not enter into force until 2020. The premiere has been a record with the sale of more than 3.2 million dollars on marijuana-related products the first day. Cannabis dispensary santa barbarahave started the year with long lines forming at their doors. According to the state government, more than 77,000 people bought recreational marijuana on January 1. The lines with people waiting were repeated on Thursday and the forecast is that they continue until the weekend. In Catalonia, in June 2017, the Parliament approved a law resulting from a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) that regulated cannabis consumer associations, as well as the cultivation and transport of marijuana by these clubs, after a debate in the camera on its constitutional fit. Spain, joint paradise The joint is a slang term for a cannabis-rolled cigarette. It can vary greatly in size, an L, an eight-paper, a biturbo, etc., depending on the amount of material you have. In the case of marijuana, it can be alone or mixed with tobacco. As for hashish, because it is concentrated cannabis resin, it is used to mix with tobacco or marijuana. There is also the case of tobacco joints mixed with drugs other than cannabis, such as pure cocaine or PBC (base paste); the latter are commonly called 'Chinese', 'Nevaditos', 'Puntas' or 'Martcianos'. In Spain, in part, due to the heavy traffic of hashish that exists in the Strait of Gibraltar, it is more consumed than marijuana, usually indigenous. That is why this type of hash joint has become popular around the world under the name of 'spanish classic'. The residual cigarette butt is known under the name of "chusta", with phrases like "the chusta does not dislike" for those who like to smoke it. Now, in an interview in La Contra de La Vanguardia, Dr. Miquel Casas, a psychiatrist specializing in drug addiction, already warned of the danger of marijuana: “For adults, no. But if you're going to drive, or operate a machine, or do a job that requires concentration ... don't take it. On the other hand, if a child or adolescent smokes or uses marijuana ... It is very dangerous! Scientifically known. Because marijuana contains substances that interfere with neurodevelopment”.