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Calgary's Real Estate Market - May 2018

Calgary's Real Estate Market - May 2018

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Calgary's market is slow. There just aren't many people buying homes.

Sales are down 19% from last year, and down 25% from the long term averages.

The combination of new mortgage rules, a still recovering economy, and a long winter have caused most Calgarians to still put in their home.

Selling a home right now can be frustrating. Even dropping the price drastically doesn't guarantee a sale when buyers are few.

#2304 1111 10 STREET SW

#2304 1111 10 STREET SW

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Row Houses In Calgary - May 2018

Row Houses In Calgary - May 2018

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Townhouses, or Row Houses, or Stuck Together Houses as my daughter calls them, keep plodding along in our market.

The benchmark price is up 3% since last year. Prices went up 1% last month.

There's more Row Houses on the market than last year and fewer sales. But it's not nearly as dramatic as the Detached Homes market, and not bad at all compared to the Condo market.

It's not a bad time to pull the trigger if you're thinking about selling a Townhouse. You'll just need to be a little patient and make sure it's marketed right.

It's also a great time to buy, especially if you were thinking about condo but the current condo market scares the heck out of you. There are lots of great Row Houses to choose from, and they seem like a solid investment right now.